A whole new user experience

Chatbots and virtual assistants employing artificial intelligence are the next big thing in finance. They allow users to absorb just as much information as they need at a given moment, which, in the era of data overload, is the key to building engagement and great user experience.
To provide personalized service, effective chatbots can process concerns that are either typed or spoken out by customers. The chatbots can be used to answer basic questions, resolve claims, sell products, address leads, or make sure customers are properly catered to.

Business advantages

  • Great user experience for your customers
  • Brand new interaction channel
  • Convenience for the customer

Our approach

As this is a data-driven solution, our data scientists analyze your data and evaluate its business potential, then create a solution that uses the potential best.

We can provide you with either a lightweight solution dedicated to solve your particular pain point, or a full one, encompassing other useful features.

See our products that leverage machine learning for credit scoring:

Comarch Wealth Management

A virtual advisor available anytime, anywhere: in the car as a voice assistant, in a mobile application as a chatbot, or through intelligent voice services such as Amazon Alexa. Ready to give investment advice or answer standard questions.