Less false alarms, more insights

AI-based anti-money laundering detection system can significantly decrease the time and increase the precision of transaction monitoring – a routine task requiring much knowledge and experience.

Business advantages

  • Lower operating cost
  • Greater productivity of AML analysts
  • Fewer errors

Deep learning technology optimizes the existing anti-money laundering processes by fine-tuning the most commonly used – and inefficient – rule-based approaches, characterized by high false-positive rates and unable to consider complex interdependencies between various activities carried out to launder money.

Comarch Anti-Money Laundering makes investigating suspicious activities simpler, faster and more effective by reducing the number of false alarms and minimizing risk of false negatives through the use of advanced supervised and unsupervised deep learning techniques such as classification or anomaly detection.

Our approach

As this is a data-driven solution, our data scientists analyze your data and evaluate its business potential, then create a solution that uses the potential best. We take a closer look at demographic and financial situation of the client, their past transactions, their loan history and related products, plus publicly available data from the internet and social media.

We use all of that to create the most accurate model that can provide a financial health score and predict how likely the client is to miss an installment payment or adhere to their financial obligations in general.

We can provide you with either a lightweight solution dedicated to solve your particular pain point, or a full one, encompassing other useful features.

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Comarch Anti-Money Laundering

Comarch Anti-Money Laundering is a fraud detection software dedicated to financial institutions obligated to monitor, investigate and report suspicious transactions to financial regulatory authorities.